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XXL Whirlpool Bathtub for 2 Persons Opt Heater Ozone Detached Od. Corner Bath

XXL Whirlpool Bathtub for 2 Persons Opt Heater Ozone Detached Od. Corner Bath
XXL Whirlpool Bathtub for 2 Persons Opt Heater Ozone Detached Od. Corner Bath
XXL Whirlpool Bathtub for 2 Persons Opt Heater Ozone Detached Od. Corner Bath
XXL Whirlpool Bathtub for 2 Persons Opt Heater Ozone Detached Od. Corner Bath

XXL Whirlpool Bathtub for 2 Persons Opt Heater Ozone Detached Od. Corner Bath

MADE IN GERMANY with LED 180x130 + 190x140 cm PURE LUXURY. Large luxury double Whirlpool bath "Olymp" version RIGHT with 16 or 24 massage jets + LED lighting + headrests + 2-part removable front apron for right or left corner installation or with 3.

Apron for mounting on only 1 wall. + optional for the Profi model with integrated heating + ozone disinfection + radio. A luxurious indoor Whirlpool for 2 people side by side!

Order your Whirlpool from supply24. For you, this means high quality and the security of being able to reorder spare parts even after a few years. Furthermore, each Whirlpool is subjected to a function and leak test before dispatch! Please do not confuse our Whirlpool with hot tubs that look similar to this one. These are usually limited to a visually similar design, but there are often differences in the quality, tightness and defect-free service life of the Whirlpool bath.

Fantastic assembly example Olymp Profi (with 1x short and 1x long apron). Here you can find a video of our Whirlpool bathtubs on Youtube. Fantastic assembly example Olymp Profi (without apron). Width: 130 or 140 cm. Length: 180 or 190 cm. Material tub: glass fiber reinforced plastic, surface made of sanitary acrylic. Also installed in the tub floor: reinforced wooden floor insert 22 mm! Support frame: solid stainless steel. With height-adjustable feet (thus easy adjustment to your floor / subsurface possible). Brand water pump "dhW Holland" with integrated dry run protection with 1100 watts / 220V/50HZ. With automatic self-draining (there is no more water in the pump). LED underwater lighting with 8 different colors. High-quality computer display for controlling all functions (round Basic model, rectangular model Profi). Optionally with or without brass fittings (chrome-plated or matt black) - if you choose without fittings, you can also use your own wall fittings such as water inlet and hand shower. Powerful massage jets: 16x (Basic model) or 24x (Profi model). 8 powerful back water jets (4 per seat) and 8 hydrojet water jets.

Choice of ultra-flat Slimline nozzles, chrome-plated (on the side) or standard nozzles, chrome-plated. Automatic water level sensor to protect the pump.

Including drain with odor stopper and overflow system as well as wall brackets. Removable 2-part smooth L-front panel, which can be mounted on the right or left - this means it can be set up flexibly in a corner on the right or left - you can also use a 2nd order a short apron so that the Whirlpool can only be placed against a wall instead of in a corner. You can also order the Whirlpool without front aprons if you want to use the Whirlpool B. Want to dress with tiles. 8 powerful floor air nozzles total 24 nozzles. 8 back water jets, 8 hydrojet water jets + 8 bottom air jets.

Included Ozone disinfection to automatically kill bacteria and germs. High quality large computer display to control all functions. Integrated radio receiver in the display with loudspeaker under the Whirlpool. You can also find this Whirlpool with us as a Execution on the left.

Computer, underwater light, JetStream nozzles, optionally with or without brass fittings or. Integrated Ozone disinfection (only with Olymp Profi).

The innovative ozone disinfection cleans all lines and massage jets with odorless ozone, which consists of active oxygen with 3 instead of 2 atoms and thereby eliminates bacteria, fungi, algae and other dirt. Simple and clean as only oxygen remains and ozone cleans much faster than traditional chlorine and water treatment agents. The ozone is generated in the Whirlpool without any effort for you and never has to be renewed or refilled.

» Power heating (only with Olymp Profi). The integrated heating from dhW Holland guarantees long and comfortable bathing pleasure.

» Top class computer control panel. Operate your luxury massage bathtub easily with the computer control. » 16 or 24 massage jets.

The combination of 8 large hydrojet water jets, 8 powerful backjet water jets (Olymp Basic and Olymp Profi) and 8 bottom cyclone air jets (only with Olymp Profi) offers a convincing massage effect at a very reasonable price. » 8 powerful hydrojet water jets. For an optimal massage effect, you can adjust the direction of the water jet of each individual hydrojet massage nozzle.

These are integrated in the side area (2x3 pieces) and on the foot part (2 pieces) of the bathtub. They relieve tension in the leg and side areas, as well as on the feet. You can adjust the water pressure individually according to your needs using a rotary control with an air mixing valve.

» 8 powerful Bake jet water jets. The beneficial baking jet massage nozzle n for the back massage are integrated on the left and right of the bathtub.

They relieve tension in back and loins Area. Above en n above Knobs you can here too Adjust the water pressure individually according to your needs using an air mixing valve. » 8 bottom cyclone air nozzles (only with Olymp Profi). With 8 floor cyclone air jets, which are integrated in the floor of the bathtub, you can experience the 100% whirlpool feeling in your massage bathtub! » LED underwater lighting with color light therapy.

The integrated LED underwater lighting ensures the right ambience when bathing and gives the Whirlpool a special look in the dark. In addition, the lamps form a colored light therapy.

The 8 different colors help you to relax optimally, depending on your state of mind. » Fittings or Viega Trio System. You can choose whether you want to order this bathtub with or without brass fittings or whether you select the Viega Trio system.

The easy to use fittings are elegant and subtle at the same time. With a turn of the function selector lever, you can easily switch between the bath filler (via the waterfall) and the hand shower - it couldn't be easier. If you do not order any fittings, the bathtub will be smooth and without holes in these areas! You can then use your existing fittings such as the water inlet and hand shower - without having to do major conversion work e. When selecting the Viega Trio Systems the bathtub can be filled via the overflow, which is an ingenious way of filling the bathtub.

With the Viega Trio system are no fittings included contain. Please use a commercially available thermostatic mixer to connect it to the Viega Trio using 1/2 inch water hoses. Your sanitary specialist will certainly be able to help you with this. The connection is very simple and the inlet of the bath water via the overflow is a real eye-catcher. » Drain with overflow system.

Of course, the drain incl. Odor stopper with overflow system included. Both the drain cap and the dial for opening and closing are chrome-plated. The Whirlpool holds 250 - 300 liters of water.

» Outstanding residual water drainage. Thanks to the special construction of this exclusive whirlpool, the mechanical residual water drainage so good that only a residual water content of less than 0.5% (permitted EU standard: 2.0%) remains. Bacteria formation caused by residual water is thereby avoided as much as possible.

The integrated hand shower with extendable shower hose makes this Whirlpool absolutely suitable for everyday use. An integrated holder holds the hand shower. » Support frame with height-adjustable feet.

The cup is made of glass fiber reinforced plastic, the surface is made of acrylic. In addition to reinforcing the tub floor, a wooden floor insert with a thickness of 22 mm is installed. Below the cup is a support frame made of stainless steel with height-adjustable "feet". This allows the cup to be optimally adapted to the surface.

All connections (water, drainage and electricity) are flexible. The Whirlpool fits easily on existing connections. The bathtub can be installed in a corner on the right or left (thanks to flexible front panels). Our responsibility for your safety. Whirlpools are devices of protection class 1 and the DIN57100/VDE 100 Part 701 standard applies to the bathroom protection area.

The connection must be made by appropriate specialist personnel e. Olymp Profi (without fittings, with 1x short and 1x long apron). Do you want this Whirlpool in the color of your choice? Supply24 makes it possible for you. The color selection is not part of this offer and only at extra cost possible: In the color palette RAL K7 there are 213 colors to choose from (you can see all colors at ralfarbpalette.

The desired color is completely and high-quality painted on the acrylic layer and covered with a protective layer of clear lacquer no difference in everyday use compared to a bathtub in e. However, we expressly point out that the colors shown are not binding and may appear differently on different monitors. The colors shown can only give an approximate impression of the RAL colors.

But you can also order a RAL K7 color fan to get an exact impression of your desired color. You can also find this Whirlpool with us as a.

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Devices received from us can be retu. This item is in the category "Home, Furniture & DIY\Bath\Showers, Baths & Parts\Indoor Whirlpools". The seller is "supply24-de" and is located in this country: DE. This item can be shipped to all countries in Europe.

  • Version-: Olymp Basic
  • Size-: 180 x 130 x 62 cm
  • Massage Nozzle-: Flat Slim Line Nozzle
  • Faucet Mixer Fittings-: Without Faucet Mixer Fittings
  • Apron-: Without Apron
  • Brand: supply24
  • Specification: Corner bath or freestanding bath on 1 wall
  • Deep: 46 cm
  • Features: Fast Cleaning, Integrated Tubs Speaker, Neck Support, Extra Deep, Integrated Tubs Lighting, Digital Control, Modern Touchscreen, Integrated Massage Jets
  • Particle Board Nung: 240V
  • Fitting Finish: Chrome Plated
  • MPN: 742271979745
  • Capacity (Persons): 2
  • Type: Whirlpool Bathtub
  • Fitting Montageart: On the Product mounted
  • Capacity: 2 persons
  • Number of Nozzle: 16 / 24
  • Shape: Angular
  • Length: 180 / 190 cm
  • Drain Position: Left
  • Material: Brass, Plastic, Acrylic
  • Model: Olymp
  • Length (cm): 180 or 190 cm
  • Height: 62 cm
  • Colour: White
  • Product: Whirlpool/Bath/whirlpool/spa corner bath
  • Installation Method: Self-supporting + Corner
  • Equipment: With 16 / 24 nozzles + lighting + optical heating ozone
  • Whirl System: Hydrojet + Back jet + opt.

    Floor Cyclone Nozzle

  • Fitting Material: Brass
  • Manufacturer: supply24
  • Plumbing Product: Bathtub
  • Basic Form: Square for right or left corner mounting
  • Width: 130 or 140 cm
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: Germany

XXL Whirlpool Bathtub for 2 Persons Opt Heater Ozone Detached Od. Corner Bath